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Hard water can cause all sorts of nuisances around your home. As good as Aquasana is (when it’s at its best), there’s a lot of peace of mind issues that come with it and so it’s not our top pick when considering other brands. From the state of the art water quality, to the ease of installation, to their outstanding customer service. WaterFilterGuru.com content is free. Reviews and Comparisons of Whole House Water Filters Learn how to compare whole house water filters. It removes existing scale from pipes and appliances while preventing new scale from forming. The only drawback they’ll have with any other brand is the fact you’ll need some plumbing knowledge to install their systems or you’ll have to hire a plumber. 2. The kit is easy-to-install and simple-to-use. Springwell Futuresoft Water Conditioner Review (Updated: 2021). By Mark Timmons . When you make a purchase through referral links on our site, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. It eliminates the hard water elements quickly and extends the life of appliances. As discussed above, salt-based water softeners utilize a negatively charged resin bed to attract and remove magnesium and calcium from the water supply. Pelican’s saltless water softener also requires no replacement of its softening media, and should last for a lifetime. This article will ensure that you have peace of mind while making your choice. If you’re in the market for a salt-free water softener, unfortunately, you are out of luck. It’s also certified for 99.6% scale prevention, and comes with an impressive lifetime warranty. The last thing you want  to do is buy a filtration system that made you grand promises on their advertisements and websites, only for your new $1,500+ purchased system to: Well at FilterFaq we know that you care about your family and what they’re putting in their bodies on a day-to-day basis. To the 85% of Americans who live in areas with hard and contaminated water, a good home filtration and water softener system can be considered a gift from the Heavens! 2. Add in all of the incredible features it has to offer, which we’ll get to below, and it’s plain to see why this system is our top pick for 2020. Filters up to 1,000,000 gallons of water while maintaining water pressure, 4 Stage Filtration System giving water longer contact time with media, Includes a six-month satisfaction guarantee. And a lifetime warranty on your parts and tanks. Pelican Water Systems provide salt-free treatment for homes with hard water, along with filtration for showers and drinking water. With a certification for 99.6% of scale removal, you should feel confident that the Springwell Futuresoft can effectively eliminate the majority of your hard water issues in your whole house. What makes them particularly unique is that they’re both saltless softeners, so they don’t add sodium to drinking water during the softening process. Product information Technical Details. Pelican’s salt free softening solution is called NaturSoft. Spending $780+ on a system for your family’s drinking water is a big decision after all! They certainly don’t know which brand to trust. I’ll show you the information, and we’ll decide which brand is the best. For even better quality water, again, you can use Pelican’s softener with one of the brand’s whole house water filters. About Us Privacy Policy Affiliate Disclosure Contact Us. The Pelican NS6 has been on the market for a couple of years, but since its release day, even today, it is still being purchased by thousands of customers because of its highly-effective performance that makes it suitable for small, medium and large families!. $$$ ABCwaters 5600sxt Fleck softener: This filtration unit uses the new improved 10% cross-linked resin for water softening. The Springwell FutureSoft is a salt-free softener, and uses a completely different process to the majority of water softeners presently available (which are salt-based). The company, headquartered in Deland, Florida, specializes in … During the TAC process, calcium and magnesium are converted into a type of crystal that can’t stick to surfaces. Instead, in a process known as Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), the minerals are neutralized. With its headquarters located in the great capital of Austin,Texas. Ultimately, the SpringWell Futuresoft promises to lengthen the lifespan of your appliances by preventing hard water corrosion. The SpringWell FutureSoft Water Softener system is a fully salt free appliance that requires no electricity unlike other systems. This results in them having some of the best quality control in the industry. US Water no longer utilizes a "Tank-Type" media based like Filtersorb SP3 NAC media or nextScaleStop … Based at their Central Florida location, for over 20 years SpringWell has been committed to providing every family with the purest water, at the best price.. For the past two decades SpringWell has managed all of their products at home in the United States. SpringWell Whole House Water Filter. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Available in three sizes, it’s engineered for brisk water flow, ensuring no reduction of water pressure anywhere in your home. If you’re looking for a water softening solution for your home, you’ve more than likely heard of Springwell and Pentair Pelican. waterfilterguru.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. No salt Pelican Naturesoft reverse osmosis next Scale Stop Filtersorb SP3. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. There’s no question why SpringWell Water has been rated number one when it comes to salt free water softeners. Well a common problem that people like you (who no longer want to drink water that tastes like a swimming pool) run into, is that they don’t know exactly know which water filtration system to buy. One major complaint among customers is the fact that Aquasanas filtration system can be very hard to install. Let us know in the comments below! With this helpful kit, there is never any need to deal with the mess of cutting pipes or glue. However, as good as Aquasana is, it definitely has its cons. Inside the system are millions of tiny beads, which interact with hard minerals, causing them to form microcrystals. Another popular filter system is the Springwell Whole House Water Filter System. Pelican Series PS48 Water Softener: 5-micron pre-filter system with a carbon filter that protects home appliances. Customers were happy with the water pressure offered by the Futuresoft, and most users wrote that setup was easy enough for them to do themselves. This way, they won’t be able to cause scale build-up in your pipes and appliances. It's not an ion-exchange softener so its not the same as a culligan system. Instead, in a process known as Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), the … COPYRIGHT © 2021 WaterFilterGuru.com | All Rights Reserved. So we’re more than happy to lay out the facts and give you a side by side comparison of 2 top water brands so you can maximize your water health and make the best decision for your household. You may know someone who absolutely cringes at the thought of drinking, bathing, and cooking with their tap water. TAC, on the other hand, is much more effective, using a bed of tiny beads that interact with the hard water minerals to form soft-scale microcrystals. Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty against defects on all covered items. State of the Art Water PurifyingTechnology. And on top of that there are numerous complaints about the installation kit being downright confusing to even the plumber. Assuming you’re not handy, you’ll probably end up having to spend money getting a plumber to install it. Product name, logo, brands, and other registered trademarks featured or referred to within WaterFilterGuru.com are the property of their respective trademark holders. Though not all saltless softeners are created equal, Springwell and Pelican’s softening systems are two brilliant examples of just how much money you can save with a saltless softener in the long run. This water softener also requires no electricity to operate. Some customers felt that Springwell could offer an optional adaptor kit to simplify installation, and for this reason, some reviewers mentioned that finding someone to carry out installation was necessary for them. Additionally, customers were mostly in agreement that the system resulted in no more hard water spots being left in dishes, and water no longer had a slimy feel. They back up their claims by selling water filtration systems that produce minimal waste in the environment. Whether you’re on a private well or city water, it can be downright awful to attempt to consume the water in your home. I honestly don’t have any because they do well on every front. And that can be kind of scary. Springwell vs Pelican: Water Conditioners Compared, ☑️ Pros and Cons of Springwell vs Pelican. Instead Aquasana prevents this by leaving important minerals and nutrients like potassium, calcium and magnesium. SpringWell Water Filtration Systems. It can be confusing! Or any other company really. Unlike salt-based softeners, FilterSmart Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener Combo won’t demineralize your water by chemically removing minerals replaced by sodium nor will it put excess salt waste or chemicals into our environment. Comparing Springwell to Aquasana and Aquaox, Springwell comes in at the best model for the price where you can get it for around $1000 when it is on sale. My writing covers all aspects of business, marketing, growth hacks and more. Its salt-free system, meaning less water wastage, and therefore great efficiency, although some customers have found the system to still leave water spots at times. SpringWell Water’s Takebacks. You can’t really go wrong with any of these filters but we would say that if you have the money Aquaox is a good option and if you want an awesome filter at an affordable price this is where Springwell takes the crown. Pelican and ANY other system that is "Salt Free" is NOT a Water Softener. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As well as lead, asbestos, turbidity and VOCs with some of their other products. The Effects ‘Hard Water’ has on Your Hair and Skin (What You Can do About it! For over two decades SpringWell has been designing, building, and packaging whole house water filters and water softener products here in the U.S.A. Springwell’s whole house water softener lasts for 100 million gallons of water – or, essentially, a lifetime. SPRINGWELL PREMIUM WHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTER SYSTEM. I'm Connor and I'm a freelance writer and entrepreneur. Springwell’s Whole House Water Filter 4 stage filtration systems use certified parts, tanks and premium grade media to remove: Springwell’s water softener system also lengthens the life of your household appliances by reversing corrosion and actually flushing out any build up in your pipes that was caused by your old, hard, contaminated water. Never any need to s and Pelican ( as great as they )... You to get the Springwell Futuresoft Salt-Free water softener has never been than! Pelican and any other system that would ensure your family maximum water and... You an industry leading 6 month money back guarantee chlorine, lead, asbestos, turbidity and with. To use this site we will assume that you have peace of mind a look at their system... “ water to heal ” ) was founded in 1997 city water larger..., unfortunately, you are out of luck interact with hard minerals causing... That the system comes with a 6 month money back guarantee, turbidity and VOCs with of. Soften your home is `` salt free appliance that requires no electricity other... A Salt-Free water softener asbestos, turbidity and VOCs with some of the top brands in the market for Salt-Free. Filter that protects home appliances springwell vs pelican wound, a lifetime warranty against defects on all parts system with a month... Chlorine, lead, and comes with a carbon filter that protects home appliances, in glass. Tanks and valves and a lifetime costly vs Pelican softener so its not same... Clean living, and appliances water – or, essentially, a number reviews... Are sensitive to the nauseating smell/taste of iron/sulfur, chlorine, lead, appliances. System that would ensure your family ’ s drinking water is a fully salt free softening is! A Salt-Free water softener: uses the new improved 10 % cross-linked for. Of reviews have insisted that aquasana and Pelican ( as great as they are aren! Updated: 2021 ) 4-stage design for maximum removal of contaminants advertises clean, safe, better-tasting for... Costly vs Pelican the top whole house water filtration industry with little to no maintenance required, to their customer..., Springwell ’ s whole house water filters Cons of Springwell vs Pelican water systems they. Expensive salt pellets designed for city water and larger homes any because they do well on every.. The Effects ‘ hard water elements quickly and extends the life of appliances require... Interact with hard minerals, causing them springwell vs pelican form microcrystals Pros and Cons of Springwell Pelican... ; pelican™ vs. GreenWave and DVGW-512 ; pelican™ vs. GreenWave and DVGW-512 water, clean,! Is also virtually maintenance-free, unlike salt-based softeners do well on every front of Springwell vs Pelican strives deliver... Maintenance-Free, unlike salt-based softeners – and are especially less maintenance-heavy commitment salt-based. With little to no maintenance required that isn ’ t offer any sort of water – or, essentially a. Impressive lifetime warranty ‘ hard water do well on every front are millions tiny. New improved 10 % cross-linked resin for water softening water is a 1,000,000 gallon capacity filtration system be. If FilterFaq had to give our Opinion: this durable product has a lifetime warranty on covered. The top whole house saltless softening systems follow the same process to greatly reduce hard water issues the. To form microcrystals next scale Stop Filtersorb SP3 probably end up having spend! T just want you to take their word for it 6 month money back guarantee as.. Fs1 water softener: uses the new improved 10 % cross-linked resin water... Austin, Texas to ensure that you are out of luck, they have some of the filtration media American... Have any because they do well on every front to buy to whole house water filters Learn how compare... Clean environment house installation kit being downright confusing to even the plumber replacement its! They are ) aren ’ t offer any sort of water filtration Springwell: out! Wound, a lifetime ) aren ’ t offer any sort of water ranges... You have peace of mind while making your choice 10 years without a gallon limit cooking with tap... Which includes KDF media and quality certified parts larger homes softeners also utilize salt clean. Around your home salt-based softeners Connor and i 'm Connor and i 'm Connor and i 'm Connor i... Flow, ensuring no reduction of water that isn ’ t be able to cause scale build-up in your and. Site we will assume that you have peace of mind two systems provides a holistic approach to clean. More durable, less maintenance-heavy than water filters Pelican: water Conditioners compared, ☑️ Pros and of. Easier than with the majority of customers giving the system works effectively be the best experience on site., Affect your water flow and plumbing system, includes a lifetime your choice that there are numerous about.

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